Metropolitan Kallistos Ware

Biographical Sketch

from Wikipedia

(born Timothy Ware on 11 September 1934) is an English bishop within the Eastern Orthodox Church under the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople and one of the best-known contemporary Eastern Orthodox theologians. From 1982 he has held the Titular Bishopric of Diokleia. In 2007 the bishopric was made a titular metropolitan bishopric.

From 1966 to 2001, Ware was Spalding Lecturer of Eastern Orthodox Studies at the University of Oxford. He has authored numerous books and articles pertaining to the Orthodox Christian faith.


from Wikipedia

  • The Orthodox Church
  • The Orthodox Way
  • The Lenten Triodion, Tr. Mother Mary and Archimandrite Kallistos Ware
  • The Inner Kingdom: Collected Works, Vol. 1
  • In the Image of the Trinity: Collected Works, Vol. 2
  • Communion and Intercommunion
  • How Are We Saved?: The Understanding of Salvation in the Orthodox Tradition
  • Praying with Orthodox Tradition
  • Eustratios Argenti: A Study of the Greek Church under Turkish Rule

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